What else can you do against skin aging besides facial care?

In addition to regular care, a reasonably balanced lifestyle, it also includes a healthy diet, fresh air, protection from too much sun and cold. However, poor skin quality, deep wrinkles and a gray complexion are more likely to be consequences of years of nicotine abuse rather than poor skin care.

However, to improve skin quality in the long term, we recommend minimally invasive “Skinbooster Therapies”, “Mesotherapies” or the unique “Unicorn Lift” where blood-own but cell-free serum is injected back.

The regenerative effect of this therapy has been proven in various studies. Stem cells are activated, collagen is built and elasticity and skin firmness are improved. A super “anti-aging booster” for face, neck and décolleté.

It is best to combine the different therapies individually to achieve an optimal result.