Too much sugar harms the skin

We all know it: Too much sugar significantly impairs the “bikini figure”. But that’s not all. Sugar not only promotes diabetes, increases and the risk of heart attack by damaging the coronary arteries (coronary heart disease), but also leads to arteriosclerosis (calcification of the arteries) and damages the joints.

But what impact do smoothies, pasta and sweetened yogurts have on skin firmness?

Is it possible that when giving up household sugar (sacharose) or fruit sugar (fructose), the skin becomes finer, pimples disappear and acne attacks are reduced?

Here is a scientific explanation

Sugar is needed as a source of energy, as fuel in our tissues and brain. But excessive consumption of this sweetener activates, among other things, a non-specific inflammatory process in the body. Weight gain and also pain in joints (especially in rheumatics) are some of the consequences.

But the skin also suffers: The excess sugar ends up as a “sticky mass” between the collagen fibers and stiffens the tissue, respectively makes the skin structure old.

More precisely, the sugar enters into a chemical reaction with proteins and lipids and forms so-called glycation end products, also known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

These AGEs have no benefit and cannot be metabolized/processed in the body. As an excretory product, the highest they make the kidney work. But only a part is then actually excreted via the kidneys, the rest is stored in the body, including the skin.

As a result, the body recognizes these end products as foreign and therefore produces antibodies against the AGEs: an inflammatory reaction develops. Also leads the

cross-linking between the AGEs, the proteins and the elastin of the skin to structural damage. This causes wrinkles, the elasticity decreases and the skin becomes less elastic.

Furthermore, these degradation products lead to damage of the microcirculation, respectively to damage of the smallest vessels. Along with a natural reduction in cell turnover with age, the face loses volume.

The youthful appearance fades.


The more sugar is added to the body, the more gylcation end products are produced, the faster the skin ages.

Tips for healthy skin

  • Make sure you consume plenty of fresh vegetables and healthy proteins (such as lentils) and berries.
  • If possible, completely avoid foods with a high sugar content (high glycemic index) such as white sugar, raw sugar and glucose.
  • Minimize fructose content: low banana, orange, sweet pineapple, etc.
  • Exercise regularly: this breaks down AGEs, reduces the fat content of the body and also perfuses the superficial structures of the skin.
  • Additionally, if you suffer from acne, reduce your milk consumption. It is still unclear whether it is the hormones, milk fat or milk proteins that negatively affect the skin’s sebaceous gland production and cause pimples to sprout.
  • Smoking disrupts microcirculation and further promotes this “negative impact”.

Live healthy. Your skin will thank you for it.