About Cosmetic Cell Concept

Fascination medicine and medical healing

Colette C. Camenisch became interested in biology and medicine at a very early age. “I’ve always wanted to know how humans work, why the heart beats, why muscles can contract, and why skin can have different shades of complexion,” says the Grisons native. While still studying human medicine, she pored over books on modern and Asian healing and herbalism, alternative medicine and homeopathy. “Knowledge of the power of plants and their pharmacological effects in medicine and cosmetics has always had a magnetic attraction for me,” says Colette Camenisch.

From ancient Egypt to modern aesthetics

“Even in ancient Egypt, skin care oils, such as rose oil, which was very expensive at the time, and cosmetics like charcoal sticks were considered among the most important female status symbols.” During her medical training, however, this knowledge had little place in the assistant doctor’s everyday life. When she returned to Zurich in 2012 – after training as a general surgeon and later as a plastic surgeon – Colette C.Camenisch focused specifically on invasive and also non-invasive aesthetic facial treatments. “Creams and serums have always been my hidden passion,” she says, “I have my whole bathroom full of them.”

Cosmetic Cell Concept care line

Cosmetic Cell Concept is developed

When she opened her own “Clinic Beethovenstrasse” in 2017, it also had room for new things again. Inspired by a friend, the idea to create her own care line in the field of cosmeceuticals was born. Something new, elegant and very individual should be created.

The way to Cosmetic Cell Concept (CCC) was paved.

Life dream fulfilled – the vegan care line is created

With Cosmetic Cell Concept, Colette C. Camenisch created a cosmetics line that had to meet her own high standards above all – both in terms of the purity and effectiveness of the ingredients and the simplicity of application.

The daily routine of the busy surgeon is often very demanding and long; attractiveness and positive charisma are nevertheless a central aspect in the life of a beauty expert.

Cosmetic Cell Concept care line
Cosmetic Cell Concept Treatment

A personal need becomes a product line for discerning customers

Working in an operating room with air-conditioned rooms is not exactly the ideal environment for facial skin. As is known, this dries out the skin and makes it look flaky, red and irritated.

Since Colette Camenisch herself suffers from a number of intolerances to various ingredients and is allergic to many things, she was more than interested in creating something of her own.

Cosmetics for a flawless skin

Her desire for a skincare line was primarily to rehydrate and nourish her own very demanding skin. And this under the aspect of considering only the best and most effective ingredients.

“Even after intense work days, my skin still looks flawlessly perfect and well-groomed,” says the plastic surgeon, “My patients often talk to me about my beautiful skin.”

A compliment that makes her doubly proud, since she has been using her own products for a long time and can fully stand behind each one.”

Cosmetic Cell Concept Treatment
Cosmetic Cell Concept Treatment

Simple – Highly effective – Exclusive – Pollutant-free: The CCC Care Line

For one thing, Cosmetic Cell Concept products are supposed to be easy to use. Complicated application techniques and impractical, bulky tubes and jars have been eliminated. Cosmetic Cell Concept is a line that is quickly packed and space-saving. Products that can be taken to work and sports without any problems.

On the other hand, harmful substances such as microplastics, mineral oils, PEGs (polyethylene glycols acting as emulsifiers), parabens (synthetic preservatives) and silicones were deliberately avoided.

Cosmetic Cell Concept – without silicone but with vegetable oils

Especially silicone-containing cosmetics and care products are deceptive ingredients. After all, the skin feels primarily soft and supple and hardly triggers any allergic reactions. In fact, however, it is a laboratory-produced plastic that, as a substance foreign to the skin, has no positive input on skin function and is difficult to degrade in the environment.

Unlike natural oils used in Cosmetic Cell Concept, the cheap silicones occlusively seal the skin surface; acne and impurities are thus favored. The high-quality vegetable oils used in Cosmetic Cell Concept, on the other hand, strengthen the skin, are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Cosmetic Cell Concept Treatment
Cosmetic Cell Concept Treatment

Renunciation of animal products – out of respect for nature

The use of animal ingredients was also dispensed with. The production of animal products involves, among other things, immense consumption of water and land. Vegan beauty products are therefore another small contribution to our environment.

Cosmetic Cell Concept serums, oils and creams effectively nourish the skin and give men and women a youthful, radiant complexion.

Highest possible concentration of active ingredients

These cosmeceuticals contain the highest possible concentration of active ingredients approved before it is classified as a drug. Many of the active ingredients in Cosmetic Cell Concept show concrete biochemical and physiologically verifiable influences on skin regeneration.

These include antioxidants, various skin-specific vitamins, peptides, extracts from plant stem cells, substances with inhibitory or stimulating effects on dermal enzymes and essential fatty acids.

Cosmetic Cell Concept Treatment
Cosmetic Cell Concept Treatment

Quality and research: the success of any brand

But what really makes a brand successful – besides the quality of the ingredients in terms of purity and efficacy – is also the product manufacturing. The products and their raw materials are produced and tested according to the current European guidelines (KVO + GMP). Animal testing is dispensed with in its entirety.

Constant research on the topic of “innovative formulas” also brings insightful findings for skin problems, so that natural beauty does not remain a buzzword, but can be effectively implemented.