Natural. Effective.

Premium natural cosmetics for a radiant look

Natural. Effective.

Premium natural cosmetics for a radiant look

Effective care for your skin

Taking care of yourself means taking time for yourself. People who feel beautiful go through life more confidently. Skin care is essential for a good external appearance.
Cosmetic Cell Concept natural cosmetics were developed for people with the highest demands in terms of tolerance, effect and ingredients used.

High dose active ingredients

Easy to use

Antiallergenic for every skin type

Vegan, free from PEGs, silicones, microplastic and mineral oil

Sustainable care with little effort

The Cosmetic Cell Concept Beautysteps


Moisten & Activate


These simple care steps for your skin – the “BEAUTYSTEPS” – stimulate the skin’s natural beauty mechanisms from within and improve the biological skin age. The skin structure retains its youthfulness and you keep a long-lasting radiance.

Highly effective good-aging active ingredients

The vegan cosmetics line offers a perfect combination of high-quality natural products for an effective care routine. It promotes and maintains healthy and radiant skin through prevention, protection and care.


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The natural oils used in our products, such as almond or jojoba oil, strengthen the skin, are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
Cheap cosmetics and care products containing silicone, on the other hand, offer no positive effect on skin function as substances foreign to the skin.


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We use various skin-specific vitamins such as Liposomal Vitamin C or ProVitamin B5. In combination with other natural active ingredients, they form a highly effective antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, detoxifies and activates skin metabolism.


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Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule found in skin tissue, with the ability to store moisture. By using triple concentrated hyaluronic acid, a fast and long-lasting rehydration of the epidermis is achieved. The skin's appearance becomes smoother as small wrinkles are plumped up from within.

The active ingredients we use combine to form an anti-wrinkle complex that reduces the different types of wrinkles and restores the skin’s elasticity. Thus, the youthful appearance is promoted.

Our philosophy

Science, Precision & Impact

Innovative formulations give our products unique efficacy and tolerability. The use of particularly effective, highly active and natural ingredients sets the very highest standards in preventive and maintenance skin care. High quality and purity requirements in production ensure the quality of our products.

Visible results can be achieved after only a short application time. Your skin gets a youthful radiance, looks firmer, smoother, finer and feels velvety soft.

About Dr. Colette C. Camenisch

Dr. Colette C. Camenisch has been a national and international speaker and educator since 2008 as a key opinion leader in aesthetic surgical facial rejuvenation. With 25 years of experience in plastic aesthetic surgery, she has in-depth knowledge of all layers of the skin.

After various positions, including senior physician for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, she founded Clinic Beethovenstrasse AG in April 2017.

In 2019, together with scientists, she developed her care line “COSMETIC CELL CONCEPT”, natural product cosmetics for the highest quality standards, easily tolerated and moisturizing without being greasy.

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What our customers say


Since my menopause, my skin has also started to wrinkle. The serum tightens my eyes and always makes me look fresh.

Laura 3.

I am delighted with the effect and tolerance of the cream. My daughter has very sensitive skin, so I gave her a sample. Even after a short application time, she has now got a super skin.

Monica – April 15, 2022

Most of the time I am under stress. These products allow me to mask my fatigue and look fresh every day, previously I didn’t put much emphasis on day creams until I found these and saw results.

Luisa 2.

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