The secret behind various care products

Buzzwords like “youthful appearance”, “more radiance” or “increased skin firmness” tempt us to buy skin care products.

There are countless products from different suppliers on the market. All promise the perfect solution for your skin.

With various creams and serums, your skin should get a soft melting texture, an improvement in tone or increased elasticity. Each care line has a different focus.

What is the focus of the different brands?

There are brands based on “stem cell therapies.” With an enrichment of peony, white lily and jasmine, the skin’s own stem cells should be activated.

As the motor of the cells, these stem cells positively influence the skin through these flower extracts and, together with a special lipopetide and hyaluronic acid, plump up the skin.

Other care products rely on a “new plant technology” for their cosmetics. They enrich their creams with “alfalfa extract” that is rich in amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Their effect is most similar to that of vitamin A.

This is to increase the production of collagen and improve skin density.

Still other products focus on extracts from the flower of the “horse chestnut”, which promotes micronutrient supply and thus increases the “glow” of the skin.

Often also rely on the action of the “brown algae”, which is supposed to strengthen the skin. The algae originating from Japan, which supplies the skin with minerals and trace elements, significantly regenerates the skin cells.

Plant oils promote elasticity and nourish the skin. The extract from the “tragacanth root” protects against damaging environmental influences.

An exquisite product enriches its serums with the “black diamond truffle”. Together with a special technology, this should increase the collagen content in the skin and refine the complexion.

Still other brands use the healing properties of the “aloe vera” plant to rehydrate dry skin.

It’s easy to see; the individual care products can do a lot, their effect systems are sophisticated and verified.

But how do you know if a skincare line delivers what it promises?

Or even better: which skin care line suits which skin type?

Which of these brands is the right product for you now?

Tips for the right purchase

  • Seek advice from professionals. This helps to find one’s way through this jungle of products.
  • Find out about the product.
  • Where does the product come from?
  • What ingredients are included?
  • Were harmful substances such as silicones, PEGs, mineral oils, etc. deliberately avoided?
  • Choose a product for your personal needs: dry skin, oily skin, problem skin/acne skin. For each problem there are also special products with specific ingredients.
  • Test the products for a few days and also let your feeling guide you: How does the product feel? Has there been any redness or irritation?
  • What must the product fulfill for you personally: firming, wrinkle-correcting, anti-aging effect, refinement of the skin structure, rehydration?


Care must become routine and fun at the same time.

You have to feel good afterwards, the skin should look smoother and plumper and the face should shine in full glory. Only regular use will also show a lasting effect.