Why Should a Care Line Not Contain any PEGs or Parabens?

PEGs, i.e. polyethylene glycols, act as emulsifiers, binding agents and softeners – that is, they improve the consistency of cosmetics and care products. However, PEGs are obtained from petroleum.

Creams that contain petroleum or oil-based substances do not nourish the skin, because the oils form a film-like layer on the surface of the skin, and are not absorbed. The skin cannot breathe, and in the long-term, this can lead to damage such as impurities, dehydration and wrinkles.

The skin’s natural protective barrier is thus considerably weakened and the body is damaged. And let’s be honest, who wants to smear oil on their face?

Parabens are synthetic preservatives. They act against germs and prevent cosmetics from decomposing. The cosmetics industry uses methyl and ethylparabens, butyl and propylparabens, isopropyl, isobutyl, pentyl, benzyl and phenylparabens.

Parabens can cause allergies. Moreover, they are hormonally active substances and there is evidence that they are linked to poor sperm quality, testicular cancer and breast cancer.

To be on the safe side, you should use products labeled “Paraben free” and “PEG free”.