Apart From Facial Care, What Else Can We Do To Combat Skin Aging?

Apart from regular care, a reasonably well balanced lifestyle, healthy nutrition, fresh air, and protection against too much sunlight and cold also play a part. Poor skin quality, deep wrinkles and gray skin color are, however, more likely to be the result of years of nicotine abuse than of inadequate skin care.

For long-term improvement of skin quality, we recommend minimally invasive “Skin Booster Therapies”, “Mesotherapies” or the unique “Unicorn Lift”, in which the blood’s own serum, cell-free, is injected back in.

The regenerative effect of this therapy has been proven in various studies. Stem cells are activated, collagen is built up, and elasticity and skin firmness are enhanced. A super “Anti Aging Booster” for the face, neck and d├ęcolletage.

Ideally, the various therapies should be combined on an individual basis in order to obtain the optimum result.