Skin Care in Winter – Lipid Skin Oil

The unique Lipid Skin Oil for dry and sensitive skin.

The Cosmetic Cell Concept Lipid Skin Oil is an intensive, fragrant facial care oil which adds vitality and protection to dry, damaged skin.

Contents: 30 ml


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  1. After facial care, four to five drops of the Lipid Skin Oil are applied directly to the face, neck and décolletage in the morning and evening. Briefly allow to take effect. If needed, repeat several times daily.
  2. When applying as a regenerative nail oil, painful skin cracks, the so-called rhagades on the fingers, fingernails, fingertips and the back of the hands should be treated two to three times daily with a few drops. Massage in gently and allow to take effect for a few minutes.


Exclusive beauty tip

Include a few drops of the oil with the daytime or nighttime treatment and then massage in gently as normal. In the event of extreme cold exposure in winter, the oil can also be applied directly to the facial skin.

Cosmetic Cell Concept’s exclusive anti-aging care line also includes the intensive, fragrant facial care oil Lipid Skin Oil – for even more vitality and protection for dry, damaged skin.

The fast-absorbing, non-greasy Lipid Skin Oil is suitable for intensive care of the face, neck, hands and nails. Made from various exquisite oils, it pampers the skin and improves its structure. For dry, flaky and strained skin, Lipid Skin Oil is the ideal care supplement.

The natural oils, equipped with other high-quality constituents such as vitamin E, are extremely rich and consistently exhibit skin regeneration after only a few uses. This one-of-a-kind “dry oil” with an extra portion of lipids shields the skin surface against dehydration, ensures greater elasticity and reduces the feeling of tension after intensive sunbathing, for example.

The facial skin is thereby protected against environmental damage and weather factors, and looks supple and healthy again. A worthwhile addition to your care routine for even more vitality.


Properties of the Cosmetic Cell Concept Lipid Skin Oil

The Lipid Skin Oil is equipped with a combination of the most valuable vitamins and lipid oils (essential fatty acids). Boasting natural products such as argan oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil and sunflower oil, it assists the skin’s natural regeneration process.

Argan oil is obtained through a costly process from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree, and is one of the most valuable plant oils in cosmetics. Its unique combination of essential fatty acids, the exceptionally high vitamin E content, and the highly active antioxidants make Argan oil an important constituent of the Lipid Skin Oil: it nourishes and provides moisture.

In cosmetics, almond oil’s consistency and mechanism of action is highly prized. Even with people who have very dry and sensitive skin, including patients with chronic neurodermatitis, this valuable oil can penetrate into the deeper skin layers in order to exhibit a pain-relieving effect. The infiltrating vitamins and mineral activate the cellular metabolism and initiate repair processes.

Grape seed oil is considered exceptionally easily tolerated and exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect in impure and mixed skin.

Jojoba oil has a lipid-replenishing effect and is particularly indispensable for dry, itchy skin or easily sunburned skin. The oil contains important constituents such as vitamin E, vitamin B6 and provitamin A, which exhibit an antioxidative effect, among other things.

Versatile sunflower oil is regarded as a “beauty booster”. It strengthens the skin barrier, has a soothing effect and prevents skin aging.

Linoleic acid, which is contained in sunflower oil, is even said to minimize pigmentation spots by reducing melanin production.

With regular use, this fantastic combination of valuable natural products exhibits a clear improvement in the epidermal skin structures. Only a few drops suffice to prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

Cosmetic Cell Concept’s Lipid Skin Oil is vegan, free from silicones, microplastics, mineral oils, parabens, paraffins, PEGs (polyethylene glycols) and colorants.

Dermatologically tested. No animal tests. Also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Contents: 30 ml

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