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Fascination with medicine and medical science

Colette C. Camenisch developed an interest in biology and medicine very early on. “I’ve always wanted to know how human beings function, why the heart beats, why muscles can contract, and why the skin can have various nuances in its complexion,” says the native of the canton of Grisons. While studying human medicine, she pored over books about modern and Asiatic healing and plant science, alternative medicine and homeopathy. “Knowledge about the power of plants and their pharmacological effects in medicine and cosmetics has always had a magnetic attraction for me,” says Colette Camenisch

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From ancient Egypt to modern aesthetics

“Even in ancient Egypt, care oils, such the then very expensive rose oil, and cosmetics such as charcoal, were among the most important feminine status symbols.” During her medical specialization training, however, this knowledge occupied very little space in the medical resident’s daily life. When she returned to Zurich in 2012, after her training in general surgery and later as a plastic surgeon, Colette C. Camenisch focused especially on invasive and also non-invasive aesthetic facial treatments. “Creams and serums have always been my hidden passion”, says the surgeon, “My whole bathroom is full of them.”

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Cosmetic Cell Concept is developed

When, in 2017, she opened her very own “Beethovenstrasse Clinic”, there was once again room for new ideas. Inspired by a friend of hers, the idea of creating her own care line in the cosmeceuticals domain was born. This would give rise to something novel, elegant and highly personalized.

The way to Cosmetic Cell Concept (CCC) had been paved.

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A lifelong dream comes true – the vegan care line is created

With Cosmetic Cell Concept, Colette C. Camenisch has created a cosmetic line which, above all, has had to meet her own exacting demands, both in terms of the purity and effectiveness of the ingredients and in terms of the ease of application.

The busy surgeon’s daily routine is often arduous and long; Attractiveness and positive energy are nevertheless a central aspect of a beauty expert’s life.

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Out of personal need comes a product line for the demanding

Working in the operating theater with air-conditioned rooms is not exactly the ideal environment for facial skin. As we all know, the skin dries out, making it look flaky, reddened and irritated.

Since Colette Camenisch herself suffers from a number of intolerances towards various substances and reacts allergically to many things, she was more than interested in creating something of her own.

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Cosmeceuticals for flawless skin

Her desire for a care line was primarily to rehydrate and nourish her own demanding skin, all the while with a view to consider only the best and most effective ingredients.

“Even after intensive workdays, my skin always looks flawlessly perfect and cared for,” says the plastic surgeon, “My patients often comment on my beautiful skin.”

A compliment which makes her doubly proud, since she has long been using her own products and can wholeheartedly back each individual product.

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Simple – highly effective – exclusive – free from harmful substances: The CCC care line

Firstly, Cosmetic Cell Concept’s products are designed to be easy to use. Complicated application techniques and impractical, unwieldy tubes and tins have been eliminated. Cosmetic Cell Concept is a care line that is quick to pack and space-saving. Products you can bring to work or sport hassle-free.

Moreover, harmful substances such as microplastics, mineral oils, PEGs (polyethylene glycols used as emulsifiers), parabens (synthetic preservatives) and silicones have been intentionally avoided.

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Cosmetic Cell Concept – plant oils instead of silicones

Silicone-containing cosmetics and care products are deceptive substances. The skin mostly feels soft and smooth, and no allergic reactions are triggered. In actual fact, however, it is a synthetic material made in a laboratory, which as a substance foreign to the skin makes no positive contribution to skin functioning and is difficult to break down in the environment.

Unlike the natural oils which are used by Cosmetic Cell Concept, cheap silicones seal off the skin surface, encouraging acne and impurities. In contrast, the high-quality plant oils used in Cosmetic Cell Concept strengthen the skin, and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Avoid animal products out of respect for Nature

The use of animal ingredients has also been avoided. Among other things, the production of animal products is associated with immense water and land usage. Vegan beauty products are therefore yet another small contribution to our environment.

Cosmetic Cell Concept’s serums, oils and creams nourish the skin effectively and give men and women alike a youthful, radiant complexion.

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The highest possible concentration of active ingredients

These cosmeceuticals contain the highest possible concentration of active ingredients that is permitted before they would be classified as medicinal products. Many of the active ingredients in Cosmetic Cell Concept demonstrate specific biochemical and physiologically provable effects on skin regeneration.

They include antioxidants, various skin-specific vitamins, peptides, extracts from plant stem cells, substances with inhibiting or stimulating effects on the dermal enzymes and essential fatty acids.

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Quality and research: the success of any brand

The thing that makes a brand truly successful, apart from the quality of ingredients in terms of purity and effectiveness, is the product manufacturing. The products and their raw materials are produced and tested in accordance with current European guidelines (German Cosmetics Directive + GMP). Animal testing is completely avoided.

Constant research into innovative formulas also leads to informative findings about skin problems, such that natural beauty does not remain merely a catchword, but can be implemented effectively.


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by Dr. med. Colette C. Camenisch

Specialist physician (Swiss Medical Association) for General, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery